Wedding Cakes & Dessert

Stand out from the crowd with your customized display of handcrafted bite size desserts that every guest will love. Astonish your guests with an enchanting cake that embellishes the romance and love of every moment.

NEW! Favors + Gifts: 

Gift your loved ones with delicious gratitude! Boxed and wrapped ready for your signature, surprise them with a loving handmade gourmet dessert or candy! See our menu! 

Holidays + Gifts

We specialize in modern French-inspired desserts such as tarts, truffles, and pastries. Your friends and family will enjoy handmade, hand crafted, quality desserts and candy made with quality ingredients, but more importantly, with LOVE. 

Reserve your holiday orders TODAY!

Corporate/Special Events

Your co-workers, clients, and boss will be impressed by your representations of dedication and hard work. Your choice in desserts will be praised for your standard of quality and value.

Your party will set the standard of luxury and excitement. Your customized menu of desserts will please every guest and make them feel valued and appreciated. 

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