Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my filling choices?Our flavors rotate with the seasons and can range from pastry cream to chocolate ganache. Our fruit flavors vary by season in order to offer the freshest taste, however we are able to make most flavors any time of year.
2. Do you work with fondant or buttercream?We mostly work with buttercream because good quality taste is our specialty. However, we are able to do fondant cakes if there is a design that requires it.
3. Can you make sugar flowers? If I choose fresh blooms, will you work with my florist?We love working with fresh flowers! Please send us your florist’s contact info and we will handle the rest. Due to limited available time, we do not make our own sugar decorations. If you would like sugar decoration, we will outsource it to a skilled person or order it pre-made.

4. How far in advance will my wedding cake be prepared?We strive to make our client’s cake as close to the delivery date as possible. Depending on what the order entails, your desserts may be made 1-3 days in advance and properly stored to keep freshness.
5. Who will make my wedding cake?Lauren and Missy are the owners and operators of Black Velvet Desserts. They are the primary bakers and usually work together on every order. However when there is an order that needs more than two people, they recruit helpers with the same eye for quality and style as them.
6. How are your wedding cakes priced?Our cake prices are based on cost, time and details. Our per serving range from $2.50 to $6 depending on the dessert requested. We always strive to create a menu that works with our client’s budget. Please ask us for specifics on your order.
7. Does the wedding cake price include the top tier?The top tier is included in the price.
8. Do you provide cake stands?We have an inventory of stands and platters that our clients can rent to use.
9. What's the delivery process?We will need adequate time for delivery and set up. These times are dependent on the size and complexity of the order. We package our desserts very well and deliver them to the reception location. We will contact your coordinator or person in charge to find the location for the display. We will set everything up, take some quick pictures, and leave. We do not stay to serve the cake unless otherwise requested for an additional fee.
10. Is the baker licensed by the state?Black Velvet Desserts is a licensed business in the state of Ohio. We have obtained insurance and process our orders in a commercial kitchen that is regulated and monitored daily. For more information about the facility that we work in, please visit

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