Meet the Makers

The Bakers

Black Velvet Desserts established in the spring of 2017. Missy, along with the help of her dear friend Lauren, had a passion for baking high quality desserts with a taste and feeling of value and elegance. 

But there is more behind this idea of creating elegant gourmet desserts. She has a dream to show others that they are also made with beauty and value.

Just as each dessert is made from many different ingredients, techniques, and elements - we are all made uniquely as individual masterpieces.

The mission of Black Velvet desserts is to show that each one of us are wonderfully and uniquely created with value, beauty, and worth.

1400 Food Lab

The 1400 Food Lab is a place that helps food professionals start and grow their businesses, and connects those who love to cook with those who love to eat. The commercial kitchen is inspected, certified, fully equipped and designed with professionals in mind, providing them with everything they need to start or grow their business. From cooking classes and demonstrations to private dining events. Food and drink pop-ups. Competitions and collaborations. The mixed-use space was designed with community in mind. We are thrilled to collaborate with the Food Lab and grow our community. Check them out to discover more!